That Girl With All Those Cats


Getting in Between

My sister had broken up with her boyfriend a while back. For purposes of making the story as short as possible, we’re calling my sister “S” and her ex boyfriend “H”, as in “she” and “he.”

So S had broken up with H. H blocked S on Facebook. H supposedly told others that S blocked H. H made friends with several of S’s friends. S’s friends side with H.

I don’t have the whole story. I only have my sister’s side. Therefore, I cannot fairly take either side. Still, my family tries to stay away from him, but that was hard to do today.

We went to LASFS, a group of science fiction/fantasy fans that meet weekly in LA, California. He was there.

He’s a psychologist, and very good at manipulating people, supposedly.

He tried to talk to me first thing he saw me. I at first pretended that he wasn’t there. Why? So that he wouldn’t try to talk to me. Why not? Because I don’t want to get in the crossfire between H and S. I don’t want to be part of their feud. I don’t want either side trying to convince me that they themselves are in the right and the other is in the wrong.

I know I’m a lucky person in terms of wealth, and affording to be lazy at times, having technology, living in a less harmful area…. and I know I’m just avoiding the situation like a child, but, the thing is, I AM a child still, am I not? I shouldn’t need to be part of someone’s battle, especially between my sister and an ex boyfriend.

I may just be using this blog to rant off any anger I may have, and I’m sorry, but it was something I needed to get off my chest.

Still, what would you do?


I compare my ADHD mind to a cat’s. Why? Because cats are said to have major ADHD. They are the embodiment of ADHD minds everywhere.

Yeah, I like cats. Shut up, you.

Anyways, there are several reasons why I want to describe this to you. One is so that anyone who reads this can understand those with major ADHD better, and accomodate to their needs.

As I was saying, an ADHD mind is like a cat’s. Let me explain.

A cat will do as it pleases. This is because it only has two main instincts; survival, and reproduction. All animals are this same way. Therefore, there is no time crucial thing that a cat needs to do. If you give an ADHD child nothing to do, they will entertain themselves any way they can. They’ll teach themselves how to do something, they’ll make up games, and so on.

A cat has heightened visual senses. Their instincts, a pretador and prey in one, force them to see tiny details and movement. This is what their visual senses are based on. Movement and tiny detail.

A cat can see color. They just don’t care. There’s little point in a cat needing color vision, other than pointing out poisonous creatures, like snakes or frogs. Brighter colors means more dangerous. ADHD kids see bright colors and feel the need to watch them. The more colors, the more blinding. A child with major ADHD cannot read what is on a colorful page, because they’re too taken by the colors. Highlighting is not a good way to make us see certain words. Black and white are boring, so the best way to fix a problem like that is have them read off of a screen. Screens, like computer or television screens, have lights that are moving at a fast pace, even if the picture on the screen is not. This is why even a cat will watch television at times. The child will be taken by the sceen, since they are seeing the quick movement on screen that the words are part of.

A cat cannot be held in one place for too long. If they are, they will squirm until they can get away. A child with ADHD must be able to get up and walk around from time to time. We have to be able to move. We have the instinct that if we aren’t allowed to move, we won’t be able to get away. Away from what? Who knows? We’re just slightly paranoid. But there’s nothing anyone can do about that. We also need to be moving at times when we feel stressed, or feel like we need to think especialy hard. This is called a Kinetic Learner, right?

Well, a lot of people take walks to relieve stress. Why shouldn’t kids be able to do the same?

A cat watches things far off, and nobody will understand what they’re looking at. Kids with ADHD zone out on a regular basis. It’s usually focused on something moving; a cloud in the sky, a butterfly, a bug, etc. It all has to do with movement.

A cat needs affection. Playmates. Other cats, even. Kids need to be with other kids. It’s just how it is. But the thing is, schools are giving more and more homework every year. Then, there’s also after school classes, and sports teams, and so on. There’s almost no time these days for kids to simply talk or play. Kids need to be able to do this, or they’ll all go nuts.

How would you feel if your mind worked like this, and you were stuck sitting at a desk for six hours, and then two more after?

The Wrong Generation

I think I may have been born in the wrong generation. My parents’ generation seens to be closer to what I wish I had. Let me explain what I mean.

These days, MTV has influenced too many kids my age. I’m 15. We may have email and HD television and all that great stuff, but we still have girls my age going out and having sex, getting pregnant. We have girls my age waxing their bodies so that guys notice them. We have girls my age wearing push up bras and bikinis, all in the hopes that they would soon get laid.

I, a virgin, look upon this and find it all pointless, dangerous, and idiotic. It’s a great way to ruin your life at an early age. I know people make mistakes, but COME ON. Think things through, boys and girls.

My generation, we also have kids who feel that they need to fit in. Be it teasing others, beating on others, or drugs or sex, we all have a need to fit in. Schools seem to always have had cliques, but the most stereotypical ones are nerds and geeks (who are usually depicted with oversized glasses, messy hair, plaid clothing, and a high-pitched silly voice), cheerleaders (depicted as prissy, popular, and usually blonde), the jocks (normally depicted as popular, bullies, large, and usually football players), and other pretty girls and guys who just want to fit in.

The clique system is much better than that. It’s just groups of people with similar likes. Still, nowadays almost nothing is done to bullies to punish them for their actions, in my experience.

Also, we have No Child Left Behind. Do you understand just how stupid of a system it is?

It means that kids with similar skillsets can’t be put in a similar class. Given, we have honors and AP classes, but that’s not what I mean.

For example, in an Elementary school, you have the Special Needs kids. Usally, these will be kids that have extreme problems, like major Autism or Downs Syndrome. They squish all the kids with special needs into a single class and try to work with all of them at once as if almost none of them understood a thing that would be said by normal teachers.

In the old days, you’d have different classes for each type of skillset or disibility. For instance, there’d be a class for all the ADHD kids, another class for kids with Aspurgers, and so on. In groups, such types of disabled kids are KNOWN to work exceptionally well together. If you give a group of ADHD only kids a project together, it would get finished and be finished well, and in not too much time. If you have a mixed group, a group with mixed disibilities, kids won’t understand each other’s minds as well, because it’s a different disibility, and the project may not even get done.

ADHD minds think similarly to…. a cat’s, for example. Cats will stare at what seems like a random direction for the longest time, and nobody can understand why. If something moves, they have to look at it. They have to be able to get up and move around, or they squirm and get uncomfortable. They will refuse to stay still after a certain amount of time. You can’t keep major ADHD minds in one place for very long. A single class specified to the needs of an ADHD kid would make their studies move along at a better pace, and make it much easier on the parents, teachers, and child. They’d be with kids that understand how their minds work, and would be able to work with each other better. I can’t understand why schools in California don’t do this. It doesn’t make sense.

Only a few years ago, there was an orange orchard in the feilds behind my house. Deer and owls and many other animals lived in it. It was a glorious view, colorful and teeming with life. What is it now?

An elementary school, made of concrete. An elementary school, only a block away from two other elementary schools.


All Those Cats, Yo

Yeah, I have a lot of cats. Right now, I have Mimic, Aro, Streak, Charlie, and Boulder.

I used to have more. Many, many more.

First came Streak. We had her since I was a year old. I grew up with her, and she with me.

Then came Cabbit. He was almost half rabbit. He was a breed of cat called Manx, a type often born without a tail. He also had apposable thumbs. He was half eaten by a coyote and found on my friend’s front lawn. His full name was Deferocious Cabbit Storm Trooper Destroyer of Paper, aka. Mr. Nubbins, aka Lickumsworth, aka Sir Poopsalot, aka Shammoo.

Great name, that.

We had later found three kittens abandoned at around two weeks of age. We took them in, since that night it was freezing rain and we had already tried to let the mother find them, to no avail. We bought some powdered kitten milk and fed them. They all three stayed with us, and we kept all of them for a year. There was Mimic, Aro, and Sweetspot. Sweetspot got outside one day before we could spay her and she dissapeared. It has been two years since. She has not returned.

Mimic got out, too, and ended up pregnant. Aro was the only one we neutered, since we didn’t really have much money at the time, so yeah. She got pregnant, and had four kittens.

The kittens were: Black Beauty, Otoko, Ty, and Kato. The first to go was Ty, given away. Black Beauty was also given away, as was Otoko. In that order.

Kato, however, the most annoying and prissy of the batch, ended up sticking to us. Mimic got out again and had more kittens, giving us Velcro, Charlie, Boulder, Pretty Girl, Ghost, and Boo. The first to be given away was PG, then Boo and Ghost were both taken together. Velcro soon was also given away, leaving us with Boulder and Charlie.

After  that, Kato got out and dissapeared. It was fairly recent, and we still have no idea whether she is alive or not. We aren’t exactly looking for her, though, because if she were going to be eaten then it would’ve already happened, and if she were to be taken in by someone else it would’ve already happened. I believe Streak, who hated Kato (she wasn’t the only one), drove her away.

So now we’re left with the remaining five. Much to my dismay, Mimic is, once again, pregnant. *Sigh*

Anyone gonna want a cat?